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Prepare the Environment 

Each of us has our own reasons for being a member of JCI, but many times we struggle to define who we are as an organization. That makes it difficult to identify our goals, express what our value proposition is to engage new members and new partners, and to know whether or not we are successful. By defining who we are and what we do, we are better able to create the environment that attracts and retains members and partners that will assist us in achieving our goals. 


Weed Out Distractions

Focus on the mission of our organization. Ask ourselves “why are we doing what we are doing? How does it bring us closer to where we want to be?”. If it doesn’t align with our goals , then we don’t waste our time or energy on it. From innovating our events to better satisfy  our members’ needs, to focusing on the operations of our organization – we need to make sure that we focus on what matters in order to bring JCI Michigan to the next 100 years.


Provide Nutrients

Just like flowers don’t bloom without sun and water, our members don’t grow without opportunity and training. Personal development is critical to organizational development and to community development. JCI gives us the skills and knowledge that  can’t be found in any school. These are the real skills necessary to navigate the world. From the ability to confidently share ideas, to building effective teams, to knowing how to execute a project, these skills are useful in any context. We use them and practice them in JCI, but they are transferable to our everyday lives.


Cross Pollinate  

The world is both a much bigger place than we think, while also being much smaller. JCI gives members the opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded individuals around the world. This global mindset allows us to gain insight into other communities, the problems that they are facing,  what those communities  are doing to solve them, and then take that knowledge back to our own community. Different perspectives, different backgrounds, different experiences – this allows for even better innovations. It can also offer a more global perspective on issues. What are systemic problems that we can take steps to solve? How can we collaborate to make a bigger impact? How do we make our impact last?


Bloom Fully

Let’s lower the barriers that limit what our members are able to accomplish. JCI Michigan should be providing the support necessary to help our members achieve their goals. We need to do a better job at reaching out to partners to assist with projects and help fund development opportunities. From exploring grants and alternative funding sources to assist our members in attending outside conferences to better preparing our members to take on new leadership roles, JCI Michigan can play a role in helping  our members to grow faster and stronger as individuals as well as members of JCI.