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Michelle McGrann

Michelle joined the Redford Jaycees in 2010. Since then, she has held multiple local vice president roles and was elected Local President in 2019. Michelle has also formerly served as JCI Michigan Training Director (2021) and Chief of Staff (2018).

In 2020, Michelle was appointed to the international level of JCI as Chairperson of the Skills Development Committee – managing the international training and skills development courses of JCI. This year she is serving as Assistant to the JCI World President.

Michelle has developed multiple JCI Official courses. She has attended and trained at 5 area conferences and the 2019 World Congress. She has also had the privilege of designing and giving training to the JCI Board of Directors. Michelle is featured as a coach on JCI’s Global Networker Masterclass course.

Michelle is a seasoned trainer and coach, specializing in communications and organizational management. As a founding partner of Coeus Creative Group, she has helped build a growing international talent development company, giving workshops and talks to audiences stretching around the globe. Using a blend of experience, research and behavior-based skill development, Michelle helps people and organizations discover immediately actionable strategies to accomplish their goals.

A BNI member for 4 years, in 2022 Michelle became a Chapter Success Coach, assisting other entrepreneurs and business owners find success.

She resides in Chelsea, MI with her husband David and three dogs. An avid traveler, there is nothing she enjoys more than exploring a new place. Her hobbies include reading novels, trying new restaurants, and attempting to restore her old home.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communication Studies from Wayne State University.

Local, State, National, and Global - JCI experience at all levels

Positions & Trainings

Offices Held

  • 2014 JCI Michigan Training Team
  • 2014 Redford Individual Vice President
  • 2015 Redford Community Vice President
  • 2018 JCI Michigan Chief of Staff
  • 2019 Redford Jaycees President
  • 2019 Redford Jaycees Chairman of the Board
  • 2020 JCI Skills Development Chairperson
  • 2021 JCI Michigan Training Director
  • 2023 Personal Assistant to the JCI President

Official Trainings Written

    • JCI Facilitator
    • JCI Discover
    • JCI Explore
    • JCI Adventure (first draft)
    • JCI Global Networker Master Class Module

Awards Received


2020 Outstanding Apointee

JCI Michigan

2022 Sarah Fales Memorial Award for Training
2018 Mark N. Panker Award for Outstanding Executive Committee Board Member
2013 Presidental Award of Excellence 

Redford Jaycees

2022 Overall Project of the Year
2021 Doreen Arwood Memorial Award
2020 Board Member of the Year
2017 Confidant Outside the Board
2012 Special Recognition Award, Special Tribute Award, Steve Livernois Memorial Award
2011 Outstanding Member

Presidential Medallions

Adam Nelson, Jay Johnson, Steve Fappas, Adam Bonarek, Gwen Labovich (MN)